Long Term Disability Insurance: The Benefits and Features

November 11 ,2011 by admin

Many kinds of insurance have been introduced, but not all of them were embraced by consumers.  Among all insurances, the group long-term disability insurance and the non-cancelable disability insurance have remained marketable mainly because of their remarkable benefits and features.


The group insurance coverage was found ideal for a wide range of individuals while the individual insurance coverage is usually offered to professionals that belong to the higher class of society.  They prefer the individual coverage because of its extra features.


Insurance has changed a lot these days.  It is more difficult to choose one today because there are already so many insurance providers offering several insurance plans.  However, the good thing about this is that the prices of insurances went down significantly and this is because of competition.


Long-term disability insurance involves several plans and they all have distinct features.  Below are a number of great features in some of the long-term disability insurance plans that are available to these days:

1. Employee Assistance Programs or EAPs. Many people have found this feature very helpful, especially for employers or companies.  An example of EAP is the “Drug-Free Workplace Act”.  This act is meant for workers with personal or behavioral problems.  The insurance plans these days have even enhanced the program by adding management assistance programs to it.

2. Return-to-Work Incentives and Benefits. This plan has really amazing features that have made it very appealing to a lot of people.  If the EAPs are more beneficial to the employers, this “Return-to Work” feature is just what every employee needs.  With this feature, employees will still receive their salary even if they decide to work from full-time to part-time.  This has also become a means to encourage policy holders to return to work.


Short-Term and Long-Term Disability Insurance


The short-term as well as the long-term disability insurance contribute a lot in the productivity of employees.  Companies or employers are also in great advantage when they provide these kinds of insurance to their employees.  This can help increase the morale of their employees and, likewise, their production and profit.


The edge of most insurance policies nowadays is flexibility.  Insurance providers need to come up with features that can help them persuade a bigger market.  If they need to adjust their prices or if they need to squeeze additional features to their plan, they will not hesitate to do it just so they can attract more clients.  So, given this, choosing an insurance package is actually a lot easier these days as you will only have to look into their features of plans and not necessarily on their prices because the prices of most policies today are already affordable.

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